Alex Behar

Mr Alex Behar is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the cyber security and finance sectors. Having started his career in Cyber Security in the Israeli Defense sector, he went on to lead Radware USA ($RDWR) cybersecurity division in the Americas region, serving Fortune 100 and Homeland Security organizations in North and South America. Most recently, Alex held the position of co-founder and CTO at Tradeo Inc., a VC-backed financial services company which was successfully acquired by Israeli investors – his third successful exit. Currently, he is the CEO of the crypto-currency and blockchain fund Mer1t Capital, which invests in high-potential blockchain technologies.
Alex is a Harvard Business School alum, and when not working, likes to get involved in charities and activism the world over. Alex is a co-founder and investor in the largest Israeli fund-raising platform, jGive, serving charities, non-profits and the firms and communities that back them.