Ekaterina Marinova

My Bachelor degree I completed in the American University of Bulgaria, where I graduated Business Administration and Information Systems. I was excited to explore both worlds and find out that it is their synergy that I actually like the most. Starting with predicting customer behavior and sales, I was excited to explore the world of Big Data in my Master’s degree in Rotterdam School of Management, and combine the business and IT knowledge accumulated before. There, I had the opportunity to work with companies in developing predictive analytics models, marketing retargeting strategy and the analytics process from A-Z.
However, for me it was important to build my career and life in Bulgaria, so this is why I returned and started my 2-year adventure in Microsoft, where I had the opportunity to work for multi-country region and develop myself as a professional in the area of Data and AI. As a next step in my career I decided to get closer to the community, contribute to the market maturity development, and unveil my passion towards Data Science and Data Strategy and became part of the Telelink’s team.
Currently, as part of this team, I ensure that we as a company provide our customers with the opportunity to take advantage of the best data platform and technology to digitally transform. Furthermore, as a key player in architecting and building the information infrastructure of our customers, we are looking forward to finding interesting cases and solve them together with the greatest data scientist in the World.
With a passion for big data, I am extremely interested in solutions, models and data applications in the Data and AI world. Curious for best practices, business applications, and how data translates into business context, I can say that data analytics is an area where I am aiming to excel and where I want to contribute. And for this reason I started teaching short courses in the American University in Bulgaria, where I have the opportunity to work with young talents, show them the beauty of Big Data and hopefully find data enthusiasts that will be relevant in the market and in the community.