Hristian Daskalov

Hristian Daskalov is an award-winning doctoral researcher in the field of management and innovations, author of the books “Stakeholder Management in Higher Education, Research & Innovation” (2015) and “Academia 4.0 – University on the Blockchain” (2018).
He is affiliated with the Center for Open Science and the Brain Workshop Institute (Sofia) and has experience as a consultant to the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, having worked on the development of the National Strategy for Smart Specialization and having served on the committee behind the Operational Program for Education & Science – a 500 million euro financial instrument.
Being a project lead and a co-founder of the “OS.UNIVERSITY”, he works on bridging the gap between fin-tech and ed-tech innovations. “OS.UNIVERSITY” is an award-winning decentralized platform, aiming to provide self-sovereign educational & career identity through blockchain.
As part of his work, Hristian researches the collaboration on open source blockchain initiatives at the University College London and at the Technical Universities of Sofia, Riga, Brno. Currently leading an international team of 20 + renowned academicians, technologists, business and NGO leaders, Hristian has previously been part of the operational management team behind a billion dollars growth-oriented program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).
He has participated in the governance of a wide range of transformation-related programs and projects, ranging from the implementation of major intranet collaboration platforms, e.g. the 2nd largest community of profession in HPE, to the design and implementation of an EMEA-wide corporate engagement program, winning the global “Innovators at Heart” award for 2016.
His background beyond the academic and corporate sectors includes a vast managerial experience in digital communications startup companies and shorter-term assignments at the Administration of the President of Republic of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Industry Association and the National SME Agency.