Ivan Vasilev

Ivan is passioned about technology, innovation, and policy-making to help the society easily get into the upcoming digital age. He is a co-founder and Board of the Comrade Cooperative, a member-owned organization of software developers and innovation builders, that is based on transparency, technocracy, and self-governance. The cooperative is focused on two flagship projects: Wetonomy – a toolkit for building Decentralized Autonomous Organizations where members can collaborate, share profits, finance ideas and award contributions, all governed by smart contracts on the blockchain; and ScyNet – an autonomous decentralized network for training AI agents with application in a wide variety of fields including self-driving cars and crypto-asset trading, among many others.

Ivan is also a member of BESCO (Bulgarian startup association) which is aiming to further develop and boost the startup ecosystem in Bulgaria by changing laws to make attracting foreign investment easier and to position Bulgaria as a key startup hub on the Balkans and Europe.