Miroslav Ivanov

Miroslav Ivanov is an innovator and an e-health problem and fundamental gaps solver with solid background and global award-winning projects. He is a co-founder of several companies that develop and combine modern technologies to switch the healthcare into structured data generator. His companies provide the first global healthcare Ecosystem (www.aptuso.com) – a combination of different hospitals, laboratories, patients and IoT solutions into one Big Data and Machine Learning circle using Blockchain Hyperledger technologies to ensure data integrity security and enforces ethical exchange not only in traditional medical research, but also in healthcare management on any level, from hospitals, to regional, national and global level. His projects are in a process of validation and proof-of-concept in Trakia Hospitals, Bulgaria where 300 000 patients data for more than 8 years has been transformed, diversified , secured, structured and standardised. Miroslav Ivanov’s main idea is to move the patient into the center of the healthcare, to establish frames of the gathered patients data from the specialists, prevention based on sustainable data and GenChain analysis.